Enabling families to partner for shared prosperity through rural enterprises.


Drishtee works with communities in rural India

Current Situation / Challenge :
These communities are today in a difficult situation as their sustainability is being challenged by growth of manufacturing and large scale industrialization. The situation has become more complex with the increase in cost of agriculture and poor land management. While we have some extreme cases of farmer suicides in some locations, most Indian villages are seeing a far lower growth than the average inflation in the country. Able bodied men are forced to migrate to cities in search of livelihood for their family back home. While they contribute to the astronomical growth of cities, by working night and day, they remain low in skills and therefore low in wages as well.
Approach/Solution :
Drishtee has identified 3 core pillars of sustainability: Livelihood, Services and Basic infrastructure. On these 3 pillars, rests the sustainability of any community wherever they may exist. If one of these 3 pillars  goes weak, it impacts the very foundation of the community. Drishtee has worked in the first phase of its growth on the services pillar. It has provided education, health, availability of household products and banking services for the last 13 years in over 5000 villages. Over the last 2 years, it has started focusing on the livelihood pillar which is expected to impact the maximum. It expects to partner with the Government and other larger stakeholders, to build the infrastructure pillar.
Sustainability of self contained communities is needed to build a strong world. For us sustainability means a world which is more equitable, open and which regards and respects the human civilization and it’s cradle. By ensuring sustainability of marginalized communities, we wish to create models of success which can be emulated the world over. With a little bit of support these communities can become role models for the future world. In them Drishtee sees a bright future for the world as a whole.

Drishtee is building a rural distribution network. During the last 5 out of 12 years of our existence, we have developed a home grown, low cost, last mile distribution network mostly catering to the packaged product needs of small to medium villages. Moving forward, we are planning to scale from existing 1000 odd villages to 100,000 villages with additional focus on supporting rural enterprises, village sourcing and multi modal logistic solution for delivery.